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6 Signs of Damage in Flat Roof

Flat roofs have been widely popular in modern buildings because they provide many benefits over traditional roofing. In cities like Seattle and Tacoma, you can observe many flat-roof buildings.

Therefore, it becomes critical to find a reliable flat roof repairing service that can do a roof inspection.

It is crucial to analyze the roof’s health and take some essential steps to avoid the bigger problem. There have been many occasions where people are unaware of the level of roof damage, which leads to complete roof replacement.

Therefore, it is essential to identify the signs of flat roof damage to minimize the cost and swift decision-making.

I have jotted down a few points to help you identify the most common signs of damages in flat roofs. This will allow you to take the essential steps timely.

1. Water Dripping Inside the Building

Almost 90% of flat roof problems arise because of the water, especially in the rainy season. You can observe water dripping inside the building, which is a clear sign that there is something wrong with the roof. Water dripping can be caused by multiple factors like:

  • Inappropriate drainage system
  • Small cracks on the roof surface
  • Pipe leakages inside the wall
  • Unleveled roof surface

There might be some other reasons, but these are the most common root causes of water dripping.

You need to identify it through initial inspection. Most of the time, this problem is solved by applying a waterproof coating on the rooftop; however, if there are internal leakages, you might need a good expert to help you through.

2. Musty Odor

Sometimes, you can feel a strange musty odor inside the house. This smell is hard to ignore and can cause discomfort inside the building. The main reason for such a smell is the trapping of water inside the walls.

This can lead to the growth of mold on the walls and ceilings.

Initially, the issue is not severe, and people tend to ignore it. However, this is the right time to overcome the problem because it can be very problematic and can cause significant damage to the building.

Many flat roof repair companies address mold growth at an initial level. They can help you out to identify the root cause of the problem.

However, it is crucial to identify the issue at a starting point

3. Water Ponding

The rainy season is the most challenging ones for the Seattle and Tacoma area. The sole reason is that majority of the buildings have flat roofs installed on them.

Most flat roof problems arise due to the water ponding on the rooftop. It leads to multiple issues like:

  • Cracks on the roof surface
  • Leakages
  • Weakening of walls
  • Uneven roof surface

Therefore, it is critical to keep an eye on the roof during rainy weather. Two reasons usually cause water ponding:

  • Blockages in the drainage system
  • Weak roof structure

Most of the time, owners fail to keep a check on the drainage system of the roof. There should be a proper cleanup at least once a quarter (especially right before the start of the rainy season) so that there is no hurdle in water discharge from the building. Apart from that, a weak roof structure can easily allow water ponding.

A roof inspection is recommended to analyze the roof’s strength so you can make some essential steps to avoid the water ponding on it.

4. Wall Bubbling

The variations in the weather conditions can have adverse effects on the health of the roof. One of the significant problems arises in the form of bubbling in the roof structure.

This mainly because of the moisture trapped inside the roof structure, and the fluctuation in the temperature causes the roof material to swell.

The bubbling effect occurs in the form of a chain reaction and has a negligible appearance initially. However, with time it can grow fast at other parts of the roof.

This is a significant problem in the Seattle Tacoma area because the temperature difference is quite prominent.

All you need to do is to keep an eye on the roof during the changing weather.

The piping system should be in perfect working condition with no leakages at all. If you feel any deterioration on the ceiling surface, immediately call a reliable roofing service provider for further inspection.

5. Visible Small Cracks on the Roof

Although it is an obvious sign of flat roof damage, most people still neglect it. The sole reason is the small size of these cracks, which do not attract much attention.

However, it is the calm before the storm and leads to significant damages to the roof structure.

Flat roof repair companies provide services to identify such small cracks, which can be internal or external. It is hard for an individual to check for internal cracks; however, the appearance of damages on the outer surface is a red flag for you.

If there are any such issues, you must immediately call a reliable service provider.

6. Dirt Spots Appearance

As mentioned earlier, most roof damage cases are caused by water leakages. It does not necessarily mean that there must be some significant holes or cracks for the water leakages.

These leakages are sometimes invisible and weaken the roof structure.

Therefore, identification of these invisible leakages is essential to prevent any significant damages. One of the most prominent signs is the appearance of dirt spots on the roof surface.

These spots are in the form of dirt rings and indicate damage to the roof membrane. An instant roof inspection is required to identify the root cause of these dirt rings so you can avoid the more extensive damage.

Final Thoughts

Flat roof replacement is costly and can disturb your budget to a. great extent. Therefore, to save such a high cost, you must identify the flat roof problems right at the beginning.

I have tried to highlight some of the significant signs of flat roof damages, which can be a red flag for you to take preventive actions.

The primary cause of most flat roof damages is water leakages and temperature fluctuations.

Especially in the Seattle Tacoma area, the combination of temperature fluctuations and rainfall can adversely affect roof health.

So, early identification of flat roof problems can save you a lot of cost and time.

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