Top 5 Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor

Making the decision to start a roofing project is no easy task. The whole process might seem daunting at times. Nevertheless, when you choose the right roofing contractor, this experience can be much simpler. Before you commit to working with a roofing contractor, get an honest and open answer to all of these questions. These top 5 questions can help you navigate the conversation.


1.- Are you licensed?

Washington State requires all construction contractors to register with the Department of Labor and Industry. State law also requires them to be bonded and insured to protect the public.

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A Licensed Roofing Contractor knows the latest best practices for roof installation, repair, and maintenance, as well as all the relevant permits needed in your area. This means he will get the work done right.

2.- Can you provide references?

By far the best proof is experience.”  

Sir Francis Bacon

A reputable roofing contractor has happy customers. He should be more than willing to share references, because he takes pride in his work.

If all you get from him are answers like:

I’ll get you that information as soon as I can” but the “soon” never happens…. Seek another contractor.

“My office will send them to you” but the “office” always “forgets” to send them… Seek another contractor.

3.-Do you provide a written estimate?

A written estimate is more important that you think. Asking for a “ball park” number will never  give you a true answer to your questions.

A free estimate is actually a great starting point for you to understand the scope of what your roofing project will really entail.

4.- What is your warranty?

Warranty terms should never be ambiguousYou’re investing real money into a real asset. Therefore, you need real assurance that your roof will not fail for the duration of the warranty. Get everything in writing…

5.- Who do I contact with questions?

Open communication is key.  Your contractor should be able to reach you if decisions need to be made. But you should also be able to reach him.  Is there someone in the office to assist you? Will your contractor give you a number to reach him directly?  Is there a project manager you should reach out to first?

No one ever wants to think about having to contact a contractor with issues. But life happens. Open communication is something a good contractor will maintain at all times.

We at Flat Roof Pros believe that transparency and communication are a good foundation for trust. Our client’s trust is of utmost value to us.

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