What is Reroofing


This is a process to recover or replace the existing roof to make it more robust, reliable, and safe. The reroofing process may seem very straightforward; however, this is complicated than roofing itself. The dynamics of reroofing are different as compared to roofing; therefore, you must know the difference between both before making any decision. 

I have tried to highlight the critical aspects of reroofing, which can help you before starting. 

Is Reroofing and Roof Replacement the Same?

The answer is no. In reroofing, you restore the existing roof and make some changes to the most damaged part. However, roof replacement is the complete removal of the existing top and installation of a new roof. Therefore,  the cost of reroofing is meager as compared to the roof replacement. 

However, reroofing requires more expertise because the identification of the damaged part and its recovery is a complicated process. This process is not meant for everyone because if the roof is severely damaged and cannot handle the set of new shingles on the existing one, then a roof replacement is recommended.

When Should You Avoid Reroofing?

Don’t Reroof the Small Portion of Roof

This is doable but not recommended because if you install new shingles on the existing one on a smaller portion. Then obviously, the surface of the roof will become uneven, and there will be a mismatch with the larger part of the roof. This is aesthetically not good and can easily get noticed.

Double Reroofing Not Recommended

The reroofing is meant for a single layer of shingles. Therefore if the reroofing is already done, then reroofing again will highly likely to do more damage. The reason is that nails would not be able to reach down the first layer, and ultimately the roof will collapse or slide down. Therefore, in such cases, experts recommend going for roof replacement.

Pros and Cons of Reroofing?


  • The most significant benefit of reroofing is saving a considerable amount of cost. You can save up to 80% of the total cost of roof replacement.
  • The reroofing increases the life of the roof by 20 to 25 years if correctly done. Therefore, it is a great comfort that your house is safe to live in.
  • You can increase the value of your house by reroofing because it gives a fresh new look to the home.


  • If your roof is in an inferior condition, then reroofing can do more damage.
  • The in-depth inspection of the roof is not possible in some conditions, especially when the roof is very old, and in that case, there is always a risk involved.
  • It is hard to find expertise for reroofing, especially for old buildings.

Final Words

In a nutshell, reroofing is a great and inexpensive way to restore your roof. However, the inspection of the roof and accessing the condition is difficult in some cases, and it can do more harm. Therefore, you need some reliable source who can provide you this service.

The double reroofing is not recommended because this process is meant for once on a single roof. If done correctly, reroofing can increase the life of the roof to 20 to 25 years and increases the value of your property. It will help if you search for the right expertise before starting the project.

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