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Flat Roofs – Pros and Cons

Flat Roofs are trendy nowadays, and people are obsessed with the advantages they get by installing these on their buildings. There is a massive conversion of traditional roofs to Flat Roofs. It has become a symbol of high quality in modern buildings. However, people do not know the exact purpose of Flat Roofs.

There has been a misunderstanding in masses that Flat Roofs do not have any disadvantage. Therefore, we have jotted some pros and cons of Flat Roofs in this article so that you can have clarity regarding it. This will help you to reach a decision whether a Flat Roof is the right fit for your building or not.

Pros of a Flat Roof

There are numerous pros of installing a Flat Roof on your building, but we have shortlisted some of the most important ones.

1. Aesthetically Pleasing

Flat Roofs undoubtedly give a premium touch to the building. These are aesthetically very pleasing as compared to conventional roofs. The best part of Flat Roof is that it comes in a wide variety so you can pick according to your taste. For this reason, these roofs are prevalent amongst people who care about the aesthetic element of their building. 

2. Easy to Install 

Conventional roofing is a complicated and lengthy process that requires a high level of expertise. This can be a headache for building owners because they have to wait for a long span to relocate to their building. However, the Flat Roofs are easy to install and can be done in a few days.

Some Flat Roof categories are prepared offsite and can be installed in two or three days. This is indeed a blessing disguised for people who do not want to handle any mess in their building. Also, the installation procedure is not very technical and can be done with a moderate level of expertise.

But still, it is advised to choose a service provider with a good track record because the roof will become the permanent part of the building.

3. Spacious 

The biggest USP of installing a Flat Roof in the building is the extra space you get out of it. Unlike conventional steeped roofs, you can utilize the space for rooftop gardening and BBQ parties. It also saves the internal space, usually covered by the inclined angles of a conventional steeped roof.

You can utilize this space for storage purposes and keep your spare items here. So, your house becomes more roomy and breathable.

4. Low Construction Cost

There is a common misconception that Flat Roofs are expensive compared to conventional steeped roofs. However, the reality is the exact opposite of it. The installation and material costs of the Flat Roofs are way lower than the traditional roofs.

Once you have installed the Flat Roof, you can rely on it because of its high durability and lifespan.

5. Protection

Modern Flat Roofs are prepared from such materials which reflect the UV rays and harmful chemical. The fully sealed material does not allow rain to enter the house. So, it is quite complete protection to the home from the external environment. 

6. Eco-Friendly

A Flat Roof does not allow the heat to enter the house and keeps the building’s temperature low. This significantly saves the overall cost and energy consumption. Therefore, the nature of this roofing type is eco-friendly and becoming popular amongst environment-friendly people.

Cons of a Flat Roof

You have some clarity regarding the real advantages of installing a Flat Roof. Now we should shed some light on its cons so that there would not be any surprise for you. Below are some of the most significant cons of installing a Flat Roof.

1. Drainage Problem

Unlike conventional steeped roofs, water cannot be drained out of the Flat Roof automatically. You need to provide a proper channel to let the water drain out of it. The Flat Roof’s surface should be slightly inclined to let the water easily flow out of the building. 

This requires proper leveling of the surface; otherwise, water will stand on it and cause cracks on the roof. So, a regular checkup of the drainage system is essential, especially during the rainy season. It will ensure the long life of the Flat Roof.

2. Prone to Damage

The space on the Flat Roof can be utilized for parties and other gatherings. However, this makes the roof surface prone to cracks by consistent walking over it. The process is slow but can be problematic in a few years. It means you need to take care while putting the load on the rooftop and regularly inspect the roof’s health.

3. Debris Built-Up

Flat Roofs require regular cleaning up; otherwise, debris and dirt can build up in the pipeline. It can lead to blockage in the drainage system, which causes cracks and openings in the roof. Therefore, the pile-up dirt and dead leaves are not acceptable on the Flat Roofs. 

4. Regular Inspection of Seams

Although Flat Roofs’ low construction cost is a big catch, it requires regular inspection, especially during the snowy and rainy season. If not done correctly, there can be leakages in the seam, leading to cracks and openings on the rooftop. Therefore, you must bear the extra cost of an inspection to ensure your building’s safety.

Final Thoughts 

In a nutshell, keeping unrealistic expectations is not viable for Flat Roofs. There are pros and cons of all products and services. We have tried to inform you of Flat Roofs’ most significant pros and cons to help you reach a decision whether to go for it or not.

There has been a lot of false promises from the vendors, which turns into disappointment later. Knowing all the aspects will help to take extra precautions and get ready for any mishap. In our experience, if you take regular care of your Flat Roof by maintaining a drainage system and avoiding ponding of water, you won’t face any problem.

Therefore, people who are willing to spend time maintaining the roof should go for it because it will provide extra space and protection against external climatic conditions.


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