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Flat Roof Materials

Flat Roofs are trending nowadays because of their cost-effectiveness, durability, and easy maintenance. The idea of installing a Flat Roof can be very tempting; however, most people are confused about the starting point of this process. The most significant decision regarding a flat roof is to choose the right material for it.

The flat roof material requirements can vary a lot depending on the design and weather conditions. Therefore, I have done some research to give you an idea of what type of material you should go for.

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Flat Roof Materials

Below are the most popular roof materials which you can consider for your building.

Metal Flat Roof

The metal roof is one of the most popular options to fulfill roofing needs. This type of roofing is recommended for people who are looking for four aspects in the roof:

  • Aesthetic
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Durability
  • Long-lasting

The metal roofs look aesthetically pleasing and can make your building look premium. You can use different color paint according to your taste to make it look more attractive. The high strength of the metal makes it long-lasting for 10 to 15 years. The maintenance required is also very minimal during this time which makes it budget-friendly.

Metal roofs are recommended to environment-friendly people because they do not have to replace the roof for years to come. So, overall there is less hassle in metal roofs as compared to other roofing materials.

Although there can be some disturbance during the rainy season because the water droplets can make noise on the metal sheets, they can also become rusty over time; therefore, you would require to check the roof’s condition after every few months.

PVC flat roof

PVC Flat Roof

PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride, which has emerged as one of the most popular flat roof materials in the past few years. There are many reasons for which you should go for this option:

  • Protects the building from the UV rays.
  • It keeps the building cool by reflecting the heat.
  • It provides resistance to chemicals exposure.
  • It safeguards the building from heavy wind and storms.
  • It is an excellent green roofing option because there is no effect of fungus or bacteria. So, you can start gardening on the rooftop.
  • It can be installed on the existing roof, which makes the installation pretty straightforward.

Apart from these advantages, the biggest pros of PVC roofing is its adjustment according to temperature. The PVC material becomes softer above a specific temperature and gets back to normal when the weather is cooled down. PVC flat roofs require minimal maintenance.

Modified Bitumen Flat Roof

It is a modified form of asphalt roofs. The difference lies in the additional polymers that increase the roof’s lifespan, making it an excellent flat roof material. There are several reasons for which one can opt for this roofing material.

  • It keeps the building cool because of its reflective property. It means that heat cannot pass through the material to enter the building, making it a viable option for people living in hot climatic areas.
  • The installation of this material is pretty quick. It adheres to the roof surface very well.
  • It provides additional strength to the building for years to come because it is long-lasting and has a lifespan of almost 20 years.

Although the installation is pretty quick, it requires expert hands because there is a lot of heat through a blow torch. Therefore, you need extra care while choosing the expert for installing this roofing material.

EPDM Flat Roof

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is basically a synthetic rubber that is resistant to bad weather conditions. EPDM flat roofs have become extremely popular in the commercial roofing market over the past few years for several reasons.

  • The EPDM roof is easy to install and does not require expert knowledge.
  • The repair and maintenance of this roofing material are easy and inexpensive.
  • EPDM material is lightweight, so it does not put pressure on your building.
  • It can bear extreme temperatures easily and protects the building from heavy wind and storms.
  • The average age of EPDM roofing is around 15 to 20 years.
  • The white version of EPDM flat roofs reflects the UV rays and keeps the building cool. This decreases the overall energy consumption of the building, making it a viable option for eco-friendly people. 

GRP Flat Roof

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastics. This material is in use for roofing purposes for many years and has a loyal customer base. There are several reasons for which you can consider this option for your roofing needs.

  • GRP is a highly durable material and can withstand for years to come. It provides extra strength to your building and keeps it safe from climatic conditions.
  • It is maintenance-free, which means once you have installed the roof, you do not have to spend a penny after that. The reason is that there is no weld or joint which allows the roof to outperform all other roofing materials.
  • The installation of the GRP roof is also straightforward and simple. The whole roofing unit is prepared offsite and assembled on the building once it is ready. So, there is less hassle in the installation process.
  • GRP material is very cost-effective and almost cheaper than all the available options for flat roofs.

Final Thoughts

Now you have some idea of flat roof material types. You can pick and choose according to your requirements. There are factors that play a vital role in selecting material like climatic condition, aesthetic of the building, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

The sole purpose is to provide you some homework so when you are negotiating with a service provider; you know exactly what you are talking about. So, it will keep you on the higher ground.

I leaned down the list of most popular flat roof materials to help you make a decision. These options contain all the essential information that makes the comparison easy. All you need to do is to identify your requirements and budget, so you can conclude which material you want to install on your building.

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