Are Roof Warranties Worth it?

“Consumer confidence in an industry can be a very fragile thing. It only takes a few builders who promise but don’t deliver, who cheat rather than perform, who delay until the warranty expires rather than repair, to damage the reputation of an entire industry.”

Virginia Knauer

When it comes to warranties, there are plenty of opinions about how worthless or valuable they really are. You might even question hiring a Licensed Roofing Contractor to begin with.  After all, a pretty Warranty Certificate is meaningless. Or is it?

It’s value actually derives from hiring a certified Roofing Specialist. His certification is viewed as a guarantee of competence by the manufacturer.  This will ensure that that warranties provided to you WILL ACTUALLY HAVE VALUE and  be reliable if there are manufacturing or installation defects.

What can you expect from a Roof Warranty?

There are two basic warranties that a Professional Roofing Contractor can offer, Labor Warranty and Manufacturer Warranty. Each Manufacturer and Roofing Contractor offers different terms. You need to read them and evaluate if they are acceptable in your opinion. Regardless, here are some basics to guide you.

Roofing Material Manufacturer Warranties

Roofing material warranties can last thirty, forty, or even fifty years. Reason being that manufacturing defect can take years to appear. Once you notice something is wrong, you will need an expert’s opinion. The damage usually has to be evaluated by a certified roofer. He can determine if it is due to defect or not…

Warranties can be unwillingly voided in several ways. Incorrect installation is the easiest way to make sure you loose it.  This is the principal reason why you need to hire a licensed Roof Specialist.   Such a Roofing Contractor will not only make sure they do the job right, but will always seek certification from the manufacturers themselves. Their knowledge of how to install, maintain and repair these materials, helps you when making a claim.

Labor warranty on your roof

These are only as good as the Roofing Contractor’s reputation.  Does he have good references?  Is he in good standing with the Better Business Bureau? Did they put everything in writing?

Check their contractor license in the State of Washington, it clearly displays their insurance, bond, and license status. It also list lawsuits against the bond or savings.

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