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3 Main Roof Maintenance Tips for the Fall | Money saving and stress reducing steps you can take before the rain sets is.

Sarahy M. Lopez

In Seattle and West of the Cascades in general, rain is a given. When the glorious summer season comes to an end, thinking ahead and preparing for the rain will pay off for months to come.

A neglected roof costs more in the long run. The energy cost alone can become much greater due to lack of maintenance. Did you know that wet insulation becomes a conductor? Money leaves your pocket by letting precious heat escape your home in the winter, and loosing valuable cold from the AC in the summer.

It would be great to just install a roof and forget about it. But all roofing systems require some maintenance to ensure maximum life span and energy efficiency. Fortunately, there are three basic tips to follow for the fall.

DIY Cleaning:

Keeping your gutters clear of debris and free flowing will prevent damage to the roof fascia. Which in the rainy season is in constant risk for wet and dry rot. If your gutters are in an overall good state, clearing the leaves and flushing them with a hose should suffice. Make sure to practice ladder safety and also check the down spout.

For particularly handy homeowners, this would be a great time to fix sagging gutters, and loose down spouts. Adding a gutter guard or a touch paint is a simple upgrade you can be proud of the whole season.

Dry or wet rot will not disappear by replacing the fascia. When you have properly maintained your gutters, it’s usually there because of a leak or high humidity levels in your attic. At this point, an inspection by a professional to find the source and the solution would be best.

Fire Place Maintenance:

Don’t wait until it’s too cold and there is a power outage to cry over not being able to use your fireplace.

While a Roof Specialist can take care of flashing and minor chimney issues, an expert should inspect it once a year.

Professional Roof inspection:

A Roof Specialist will inspect your roof as a whole: flashings, loose shingles, storm damage, etc. Most home owners expect the Professional to just inspect their roof and give them an estimate. But we encourage you to have an actual conversation with the Expert.

You can ask him about:

  • Roof Moss removal options.
  • Will you benefit most from repairs or roof replacement?
  • Is your roof a good candidate for Re- Roof? (It can save you more than half the cost of replacing it.)
  • If your insulation was insufficient last winter, what are your options to make your roof more energy efficient? A professional will listen to your concerns, and provide options to fit your budget. He will take the time to discuss pros and cons of each option. If a Roofer is pushing his opinion and price tag on you, as the only solution… he is not a professional.

Our Roof Specialist would be happy to assist you. To schedule a free consultation and estimate, click on the contact link and send us an email, or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.

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